#3 Exploring the legend of cat city, Kuching, Sarawak in less than 48 hours.

It raining outside and now we'd been entering March. Less than a few week before April. I know time had flown away so fast since my last post and I already done lots of adventure trip within this time. Fuh! that means I owe myself lots of backpacking story. Perhaps I should focus on finish writing this post? #Prayforaisya


"Have you check in our flight Aisya?" Kak Min were asking me with a serious face begging for a positive answer from me. I swear it was a moment of my heart possibly skip a beat. I could think of answering it with an excuse. So, I was trapped and my only option is NO. I hate myself when I forgot. So what happen that night I checked in and I do my research on places to go, how to go there, what time it is open and close, how far it was and how much money should I bought. With only fews hours of research I sketch it on a paper.

That morning, I woke up early and packed all the necessary item with one intention, compact and light bag. I manage to do that! phew.

So we manage flown from Bintulu to Kuching that morning. As soon as we reach to the Kuching International Airport. We (obviously Kak Min and I) searching for a rented car. I think we'd got a good deal as we manage to rent viva for 48 hours, RM 160 anf used only RM20 (fuel) for whole trip.

Basically our tentative :

Day 1 : Cat statue hunting in town, Sarawak Cultural Village, Damai Beach, Hotspot Food Court

Day 2 : Pasar Serikin, Fairy Cave, Wind Cave, Blue Lake and Masjid Jamek Kuching

Hmm, I should share some tips for you. Based on my experience.

1. Sarawak Cultural Village : If you're on a tight budget like us and your student card still valid, used it here as you can save a lots of money and if you're a sentimental / sensitive people (like me) you might as well tempted to owe yourself a "Sarawak Cultural Village passport" like a normal full rate visitor. But I suggest you might as well bring your adventure journal, and used it as your passport.

2. Hotspot Food Court : the location is reachable easily by walking. I know its a little bit tricky when you used your car but the location is actually around UTC building.

3. Pasar Serikin : This market only open on the weekend so please make sure you bring enough money (no nearby ATM available and only cash accepted) and be there as early in the morning because the weather is no kidding, SO HOT! Plus, easy to park your car. The price became low along the market, so keep walking until the end and start shopping. The food is tasty! From kerepek to all Indonesian food. Try it yourself.

4. Fairy Cave and Wind Cave. The cave is amazing. Recommended for those who might love adventure. Be prepare with headlamp and proper shoes.

Much Love ,
Aisya belle


#2 Small steps at a time

September is finally here and suddenly everything feels like falling into the right place at the right moment. Perhaps because I'm home now. I am facing hard to time to describe how happy am I in words but I manage to get the idea of describing it in scale of 10, my happy level is at 11. HAHA. I am trying as much as I could to spend my holiday without regret. Every second of it counts *Insyaallah* (#realitycheck : most of the time I spend my time are with my family, eat and catching up my korean drama) 

I think that's enough with those quick update. Now focused on why I wrote this post. Focus

Last few weeks, I manage to planned two separate trips which is Kuching, Sarawak and Kuala Terengganu, Terengganu and why my post is so important or so unique? Yes, I know you must be wondering out of million travelogue why should you read mine. The reason is simple. You're chosen the right word in search engine, and my blog pops out in the list! (HAHA, so cliche as it sounds as I am trying to be funny as well).

Okay. Serious.

Trip 1 : Exploring the legend of cat city, Kuching, Sarawak in less than 48 hours.
Trip 2 : Hunting the best food at Kuala Terengganu.

So If you still interested to read my post. Keep reading but if you're not. Just keep reading, as well as you might find something new :)

To be continue...

P/s: I may edit this post in the future to provide link for you who eager to read. Till then.

Much Love ,
Aisya belle


#1 A fresh Start. Something that I should remember.

September is finally here (soon) and this month, I plan to lead my life a little differently. I've been yearning for change, and lately I've been directing my energy towards self-betterment by working on the best possible version of myself. Right now, just before August ended, as my future record I already deleted my Facebook, I also deleted more than half of the photos I had on my Instagram and all of the blog posts I had on this very blog. 
I've had this blog since 2009, and after reading back my hundreds of posts from way-back-when, I decided that I wanted a fresh start. A fresh start is honestly something I feel like I need and that led me to deleting everything I had on here.  It was stupid of me to delete the few memorable posts I had, like the time I got to trouble but.... its fine. I'll get over it. Soon. Insyaallah.
Resolutions for September onwards :
  • Be a better muslim. The best I can be. I should improve my tajwid.
  • Start living healthier. Drink more water, eat more fruits, work out ( haha as if ). 
  • Be the girl I would look up to and be nicer to everyone.
  • Rid myself of the grudges I hold and the negativity I have towards some people. 
  • Not settling for anything less than I deserve.  And I deserve the best. You deserve the best too.
  • Not saying anything if I don't have anything nice to say.
  • Read / educate myself more. 
  • Stop bottling up my emotions before I explode. 
  • Stop assuming things about a person. 
  • Be the change I want to see in the world.
  • Be a good teacher. ( Still struggle tho)

I'm currently at Bintulu, Sarawak and in the midst of preparing what to teach next week but, yeah perhaps 20 minute of writing, won't hurt :P  I hope everyone else is having a splendid weekend than I am.

Much Love ,
Aisya belle