#1 A fresh Start. Something that I should remember.

September is finally here (soon) and this month, I plan to lead my life a little differently. I've been yearning for change, and lately I've been directing my energy towards self-betterment by working on the best possible version of myself. Right now, just before August ended, as my future record I already deleted my Facebook, I also deleted more than half of the photos I had on my Instagram and all of the blog posts I had on this very blog. 
I've had this blog since 2009, and after reading back my hundreds of posts from way-back-when, I decided that I wanted a fresh start. A fresh start is honestly something I feel like I need and that led me to deleting everything I had on here.  It was stupid of me to delete the few memorable posts I had, like the time I got to trouble but.... its fine. I'll get over it. Soon. Insyaallah.
Resolutions for September onwards :
  • Be a better muslim. The best I can be. I should improve my tajwid.
  • Start living healthier. Drink more water, eat more fruits, work out ( haha as if ). 
  • Be the girl I would look up to and be nicer to everyone.
  • Rid myself of the grudges I hold and the negativity I have towards some people. 
  • Not settling for anything less than I deserve.  And I deserve the best. You deserve the best too.
  • Not saying anything if I don't have anything nice to say.
  • Read / educate myself more. 
  • Stop bottling up my emotions before I explode. 
  • Stop assuming things about a person. 
  • Be the change I want to see in the world.
  • Be a good teacher. ( Still struggle tho)

I'm currently at Bintulu, Sarawak and in the midst of preparing what to teach next week but, yeah perhaps 20 minute of writing, won't hurt :P  I hope everyone else is having a splendid weekend than I am.

Much Love ,
Aisya belle